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Consume Consciously

Our Divine Download for November 23, 2020 is Conscious Consumer from the Angel of Abundance Oracle Cards. We often get stuck in our thinking on the steps to and with Abundance, believe that it is being open to receive, manifesting, accepting, and boom - Abundance. And that's true, to a point. Like so many other things in our life, Abundance is vastly more layered than that and it is not a one and done process. It's an on-going and evolving relationship. Part of truly experiencing and embracing Abundance is being a conscious consumer. That means very different things for people at different places on their Abundance journey and it is never absolute, and never cut or dried. Our greatest power as consumers is choice. Where we choose to spend out money, where we choose to invest our finances, those choices makes strong and definitive statements each and every time that we make them. But so very many of us get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our modern world (even amidst a pandemic) and we are mindless consumers. We are consumers of convenience. We are reactionary consumers. We are reflexive consumers. Guess what? ALL of those choices (and yes, they are absolutely still choices) also make definitive statements to the Universe too. Are you making the correct definitive statements to the Universe through your consumer choices and consumer behaviors? I hear from people all the time that they can't make better or different choices as conscious consumers because they simply can't afford it. Horse shit. You can afford what you choose to afford. Telling yourself, the Universe, who you do choose to support with your almighty dollar that you "can't afford" something, is the quickest way to manifest that you will not be able to do so. How's that working for you in the big scheme of things? It may not be immediately financially possible for you to be the most conscious consumer who ever lived, but I promise you, right here, right now, it absolutely IS possible for you to simply be MORE conscious. More aware. More engaged. More interactive. Look at the products you buy. Are they made in a way and with ingredients that are compatible with your lifestyle and your core beliefs? Look at the places where you spend. Are you supporting businesses that are in line with the truth of who you are as a person? Do your research. Do your homework. Investigate what you are investing in. Investigate where you are making those investments. Investigate who you are supporting when you invest your finances as a consumer. Because it matters. Responsible mindful consumerism is absolutely part of an Abundant lifestyle. Don't let your lack of consciousness as a consumer block your full Abundant potential.

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Love this!!! I was told once in a lecture "our biggest vote is where we spend our money" I loved it. Thanks to Besheen Baker ND for giving me that wisdom :) and thank you, Janelle for todays message. Goin' on the fridge today!

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