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Count Your Blessings!

Our Divine Download for July 11, 2021 is Blessings from the Sacred Destiny Oracle Cards. This is a card of everything good! Bountiful Blessings are being brought into your life from your spiritual support team. You are being watched over, and are receiving extra blessings from all those in spirit right now. These blessings are emerging in your life right now. Angelic intervention is available to you right now. Have you asked your angels for their help, their support, and their intervention? Miracles are much more likely in your life right now than at any previous time. Signs from your spiritual support team are all around you. Are you receiving their messages? (They're literally everywhere!) If not, ask for their help to help you easily recognize, receive, and understand their messages and signs. Know that you are protected. Feel that you are safe. Know that you are valued. Feel that you are loved. Have faith that you are always being protected guided. Be open to hearing the voice of the divine, however it may speak to you. Be open to receiving signs that your spiritual support team are always present. Healing energy is flowing to you right now. The energy of refreshment, replenishment, and renewal is here to fill up your life. Will you receive the bountiful blessings that are flowing to you right now? How do you define blessings? Be cautious now not to fail to receive blessings because you chose to define blessings in a limited manner. Take an inventory of your life and really, truly, honestly, accurately count your blessings. Because many, many more are on their way to you right now.

Energetic blocks to receiving are one of the more common afflictions that I see in my clients because we live in a society that likes to brainwash the truth of who we are and the nature of our true deservingness right out of us. Flower Therapy Chakra Sessions will provide simple to implement action steps wherever these blockages exist to allow us to fully receive all of the blessing available to us. Book Your Flower Therapy Chakra Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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