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Create Ceremony, Create Intention

Our Divine Download for August 28, 2021 is Ceremony from the Earthcraft Oracle. The ceremony card reminds us to prioritize moments of sacredness. Ceremony also reminds us to slow down as ceremonies bring magic and sacred intention into our day-to-day routines. When was the last time you did something with ceremony? Where could you use some magic and some sacred intention in your life? Ceremonies do not have to be long or elaborate or even ritualistic. Ceremonies are meant to create and energetic space where you can turn inward to connect with your innate magic and the magic of the universe, especially grounding yourself into and surrounding yourself with the magic of the earth plane. Ceremony involves preparation and intention, after all a caterpillar doesn't rush to become a butterfly in a single day. Now is not the time to rush towards a goal or to skip taking certain steps. This is the time to do things meticulously, methodically, and with both intention and attention (it is Virgo season!) Having a ceremonial practice, even if it is with something as simple as making coffee, allows you to slow down and take the proper time in order to allow your own magic to brew as well. Make sure that you take the time to connect with your goals in a sacred way. You can add small elements of ceremony into your life by lighting candles while you do certain things in order to bring more light to those tasks and your life as a whole. You can also find beautiful, meaningful, ceremonial ways to cleanse your physical body, and the physical space in your home in a loving and connecting manner. Allow yourself to take the time to honor the dawning of each new day and all of her potential every morning. Have fun bringing ceremonial elements into your life, your world, and your own personal magical practice!

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