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Create Movement

Our Divine Download for April 11, 2021 Pregnancy and Travel from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards. For some of you, these cards will literal foretell a pregnancy and a trip. But, for most of us, this is a wake-up call from our fairy friends that it is well past time for us to get busy and get moving in the creativity department! This is a message to move both our bodies and our minds because our spirit is craving movement. This movement is necessary for us to reconnect with our innate creative center which we desperately need to do right about now. We need to exercise and move our creative nature. Do you consider yourself creative? Is your creative center a part of yourself that you have embraced? Is your creative center a part of yourself that you exercise and express regularly? What about movement - how do you feel about the idea of simply getting moving? So many of us have been so stuck for so long (well over a year) that movement may feel frightening or even jarring to our systems. But we do not live on a static planet. Rather we live on a planet where movement is essential to our very survival and all of live ebbs and flows with movement. While it may have been time for us to be still, or even stuck, in the past, now it is time to get moving. Movement helps to shake the energetic cobwebs out of our systems. Movement helps us to connect to all of the inner parts of us and helps us to integrate those parts and all of our experiences and allows us to ebb and flow in a more balanced, centered, and fluid way. Movement also helps to move through and past blocks to our divine creative nature. We are being called on to take our role as creator and to conceive, incubate, and give birth to an idea through the creative process. The world needs our creativity right now. Our creativity and the innate connection that we have to it is what helps make the world a more beautiful place. Let's all get moving and make the world it's most beautiful place!

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