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Create Time & Space To Fall Apart

Our Divine Download for June 23, 2021 is Fall Apart/Smokey Quartz from The Illustrated Crystallary. Smokey Quartz reminds us that we all need a break from time to time in the harsh world we inhabit. It is necessary for all of us to have space in our lives where we feel safe as it is necessary for our nervous systems to releax and unwind so that we can turn off our reptilian brains and ease ourselves out of that fight/flight/freeze response that our modern lives cause us to utilize far more often than is healthy or was every intended. Sometimes these spaces can be literal physical spaces, sometimes they can be people, sometimes they can be scenes in movies or certain songs that just seem to crack us open in order to allow us to go to pieces. We have to fall apart from time to time, it is necessary to allow time and space for ourselves to go to pieces so that we can pick those pieces up and assemble them in a new way which works better and is more meaningful for us at this new stage in our lives. We all need to cultivate a space, however that looks for us, and a practice, to regularly return to in order to allow us to put our day to day burdens down. Do you have such a space? Do you have such a practice? If not, why not? Smokey Quartz knows that in order for us to maintain our strength and integrity, we need a safe space to fall apart. We develop resiliency by allowing ourselves to feel our pains, to face our pain and our fears, and to then let it all flow away as it is meant to. Take time, make time, at the end of each and every day to review all of the pain, fear, challenge, and bring it to the surface of your awareness. Do not be in judgement of any of your emotions. Just bring it all up, look at it as a casual observer, and lean into whatever comes up for you emotionally. Then choose how you will release what came up. Blow it away. Write it on a piece of paper and burn it. Literally shake it off of your body. Whichever method you choose, envision it all falling away. When you can cultivate this time and this safe space to deal with your emotions and experiences on a daily basis, the big stuff won't feel so daunting. Allow yourself to fall apart, and enjoy the release. Also enjoy putting yourself back together, any ol' way you want!

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