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Create Your Sense of Community

Our Divine Download for October 9, 2021 is Caring Community from The Magic of Unicorns Oracle Cards with the message "Participate and belong. Enrich your life." The world is meant to be a place of oneness. We are meant to focus on inclusion in all that we do. Caring communities are based on heart-felt and heart-centered connection. Community is built on the backs of our commonalities rather than focusing on the divisions and differences that tear us apart. How are you building caring communities? How are you participating with caring communities? Challenge yourself to do so. Challenge yourself to perform a random act of kindness today. Challenge yourself to foster a spirit of inclusion in all that you do today. Seek to actively include someone in something in your life today. Check in with yourself and investigate how inclusive your thoughts and your words are. I'm not just talking about the big things either like racism, gender inclusion, or tolerance. Do you name call in your thoughts or with your words? You probably bristled at that question, but *really* check yourself on that one. Because if you refer to ANYONE in a way to which there is an opposing "side" or an opposing identifier, you are not promoting tolerance or fostering a spirit of inclusion. The pandemic does not excuse us from our obligations, responsibility, or assignments from the universe. Nor does it give us permission to use it as an excuse to promote divisiveness when our assignment is clearly community and inclusion. There are almost always ways to speak which do not promote name calling and divisiveness, even about the things about which you are really passionate. Challenge yourself to find them. Challenge yourself to create and foster global community and tolerance through thought, word, and deed. The world will be a better place for it!

The spirit of community can be a challenging one to find and embrace in such divisive times, especially when there have been the realities of lock downs and shelter in place orders feeling as though we are or were being literally physically divided. When you are seeking connection... When you are ready for clarity... Discover your Infinite Potential Healing here: Book Your Session TODAY!

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