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Decide From The Heart

Our Divine Download for January 8, 2024 is Decision from The Butterfly Oracle. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Many of us don't love making decisions. Because our ego often gets in our way and we trip over it, becoming afraid that we will make the wrong decision (Hint: there's no such thing!) There are very few things in life that we have to decide that can't be re-decided in a different direction at a different time in the future. It's one of those fun, cool bonuses about being human: we get to change our minds! Most of us get wrapped up in and become overwhelmed by the decision making process because we try to decide from our heads, using our mental space. Especially in a time when we are literally bombarded by and with information (which is ever changing) at a near constant pace, this becomes a daunting task and often feels nearly impossible. But when we tune into our intuition and our guidance, and decide from that space, our heart space, based on what does and doesn't feel good to us, it becomes much easier and vastly less daunting to make any and all decisions. Any decision we need to make is simply narrowed down to "does this feel good to me (then it is a yes) or does this not feel good to me (then it is a no). It really can (and should!) be just that easy! So don't over-complicate a good thing! Use your heart as the compass to guide you through your decision making process.

It can be difficult to tune into your intuition and meditation is one of the easiest ways for us to do that. If you have struggled to meditate in the past, A Meditation & Me Session is just the ticket to identify any meditation blocks that you have and personalize your meditation experience. Schedule Your Meditation & Me Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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