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Decide How & What Your Will Change

Our Divine Download for June 18, 2021 is Transmutation/Black Tourmaline from The Illustrated Crystallary. We interact every single day with things that we cannot see, hear, feel, or prove, but which are very real nonetheless. Radio waves and Reiki energy are two obvious examples of this. In fact, a lot (A. LOT.) of energy comes to us through routes that are unseen. If you think about your phone for example, you essentially hold a tiny computer in the palm of your hand and worlds of information and knowledge come across our screen each and every single day in ways which we may not immediately understand. It's kinda cool, pretty darned magical, and can also be somewhat overwhelming if we aren't careful. Black Tourmaline allows us to take all of that energetic excess and turn it into something else. And what's really cool is that YOU get to decide what you do with it, what you make of it. You get to decide how you use it and how you will change one form of energy into another. Black Tourmaline can partner with you to be both teacher and tool as you decide how to transmute the energy around you into whatever you desire it to be. Black Tourmaline does this because it is both pyroelectric (meaning it can hold an electrial gielt), and piezoelectric (it creates an electrical charge under pressure), and also carries a faint electrical charge of its own. It has traditionally been used to repel unwanted forces and to protect against psychic attacks for this reason because it attracts negative energy and neutralizes it. In the same way also, Black Tourmaline asks us what we may be attracting into our own lives that we might need to transmute. Black Tourmaline also reminds us that the human body transmutes and changes things physical, most notably we exhale carbon dioxide, a by product of some of the foods we eat and created in our oxygen exchange. Our breath therefore is one of our fastest and most effective vehicles for change. You can focus on a feeling or aspect of yourself that you feel ready to release and blow it into a stick or stone, or other "inanimate" natural object. Place that object in a place of honor for a week, or a lunar cycle, giving yourself time to appreciate and understand what you are letting go. Then simply bury it or burn it, releasing the energy back into the Earth. Black Tourmaline reminds us that change, even transmutation, never needs to be hard, and is only as complicated as we choose to make it. What will you transmute in your life today?

Our Angels support us in our transmutation aspirations. They will provide us additional guidance based on what it is we wish to transmutate, during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Today:Book Your Session Here!


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