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Decide To Do It To It

Our Divine Download for December 8, 2020 is Badger/Perserverance with the message "Dig in and see it through to COMPLETION" and Antelope/Decisiveness with the message "MAKE A DECISION and take appropriate action" from the Power Animal Oracle Cards. The Antelope and Badger bring us encouragement to decide to do something, and to stick with it and actually DO IT until it's done. It's been hard to get things done this year! Let's be real about it. There have been a billion interruptions, a billion distractions, and a billion and a half excuses. With the energy of the collective being so darned wonky and everything that each and every single one of us have been dealing with in so many different ways, productivity has hardly been at it's peak. And, it's been hard to make plans, to make decisions, to know what it is exactly we should be doing or what it is that we want to be doing. How do you make plans and how do you move forward when you don't know what's going to happen in a bigger way than we've ever not known before? Well, we're being told now, it's time to just buckle down and do it. We have to move forward on what we want. We have to move forward on what inspires us. We have to move forward in ways that keep us on our divine rite paths and following our divine rite purpose. It's time. Procrastination time is over. So, we can embody the traits of the antelope and utilize some grace and agility in order to be somewhat flexible with our plans as we move forward. Obstacles don't mean to stop. Obstacles simply mean to course correct. This is not a time for standing still. It's not a time for indecision. It's a time to move forward. So decide how that's going to look for you. And then when you do decide, take a page out of our Badger friend's play book and keep moving until your reach your destination or goal. He doesn't promise that it will be easy. He doesn't say that there won't be challenges or adjustments or that it will always be honky dorrey. But, he says we need to stick with it. Have you ever heard of a badger who just let things go? Who stopped attacking? No! Because if they do, then they wouldn't eat and they wouldn't live. So we have to perservere just like our Badger friend to keep ourselves fed energetically. It's time to get back on track. It's time to decide what that means, and once we do, it's essential that we keep on keeping on and see things through.

After such a wild ride of a year, it can be hard to know where to focus or even what to decide on. A Back to Basics Session will help you do just that! Book Your Session Today!


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