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Deep Regeneration Is Upon You

Our Divine Download for February 8, 2022 is New Moon in Scorpio/Go Deeper from the Moonology Manifestation Oracle Cards. This card is a sign for you that you are regaining control of a situation that cut you deeply or was felt deeply, and a situation in which you may have felt stuck. You've moved through your fears and can now see where this issue has come from. It's not the time to gloss over facts, but rather, it's a time for you to face your darkest concerns, and go even deeper. Sometimes situations must crumble and we must surrender control before the situation can be renewed. Magic is called for. It's crucial to stay strong now. Sexually, it's the time to reach for true communion with your partner. Financially, this is a blessed time to work with someone on a joint venture. It's time to release the deep cuts, the deep wounds, the deep pain, it's time to release a grudge. It's time to turn your head towards the light rather than focusing on the depths. This card is an especially good sign for any matters relating to sex, money, or an obsession you may have been grappling with or fighting. Know that you're magic. Clear our any and all negativity to supercharge your manifestation powers and help you connect with the depths of your true magic. Affirm "Life goes in cycles and my life is now regenerating." And so it is.

Regeneration isn't always and easy and is rarely a comfortable process and the depths of our ego mind like to send up fears and doubts as road blocks to our regenerative process. Our Angels understand this and can reassure us regarding the trajectory of our regeneration during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Session. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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