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Detoxify the Negative Patterns In Your Life

Our Divine Download for February 10, 2022 is Full Moon in Taurus/Detoxify from the Moonology Manifestation Oracle Cards. Yeah, it's another one of those cards that we're all always so very excited to receive, and which seem like are going to come up for us fairly often this year. Right now we're being called on to detoxify in order to restore equilibrium (or balance!) to our situation and our lives. If you've been obsessing over anything or have fallen into a negative cerebral space (you know, overthinking or stinkin' thinkin'...) you need to release any drama, possessiveness, and stubbornness in order to free up everything and to allow the energy to actually begin to move. Digging your heals in like the proverbial bull won't help, nor will allowing yourself to be negative or even falling into mean behaviors. It could be a spiritual, emotional, or physical detox that's called for. Your directive right now is to find a balance between what your heart wants and what is the practical next step to take. It may feel challenging to balance yourself emotionally at the moment, but that is exactly what you are being guided to do and what is called for in order to shift the energies of your situation and really your life. it might not be easy, but it will boost your manifesting ability far more than when you are out of alignment due to being overly emotional. Start with detoxifying just one single thought which may be contributing to your overall emotional unrest. Ask your guides and your Angels to help you with this. Even if you can't get from that single thought to shiny and happy, you know that there is still a way for you to level it up to something better than what it currently is, which is in no way serving you. Remember that this too shall pass. It always does.

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