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Discover Where Your Destiny Points You

Our Divine Download for October 6, 2023 is Yod - Destiny from the Black Moon Astrology Cards. Those of you without an astrology background are probably thinking "what in the heck is a yod?!" In astrology a yod is a specific, triangular-shaped planetary alignment that is formed by two planets of points being sextile (a cooperative aspect, 60 degrees apart) to one another. The yod is also referred to as the finger of God or the finger of fate because it points to or at something within your birth chart that is such an amazing part of your astrological potential that it essentially must be capitalized on. So it makes sense that the yod is talking about destiny. There is such a lovely, delicate balance between that which is destined, the potential that lives within our birth charts as gifted to us by the cosmos, and our free will choice. Free will choice is a hard and fast rule of the universe, and even when it comes to destiny or fate, we ultimately always have the ability to change it and to rewrite or revoke our karmic contracts. When we have a yod at play, it just becomes somewhat, if not substantially harder for us to do so. Remember that when it comes to astrology, there really is no "good" or "bad." Even with the aspects, there are harder and easier aspects, but all that really ultimately means is that we have to work that much harder exercising our free will choice in order to overcome the potentials that were written in the stars for us. Because the yod speaks of destiny or fate, that potential is there for us in a big way in this life time. When we choose not to embrace the potential of the yod, the plotted course of our destiny, we have to work vastly harder at flexing our free will choice muscles in order to avoid what was meant for us. Sometimes there can be reasons that we choose to do this. Sometimes we can just be stubborn arses about it, delaying the inevitable and giving ourselves one hell of a hard time in the process. It's always all up to you which way you want to play.

If you are not familiar with your personal astrology, it is a wonderful and empowering experience to have your birth chart run and interpreted for the aspects and potential contained therein. Schedule Your Intuitive Astrological Chart Reading and Interpretation TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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