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Divine Inspiration

Our Divine Download for June 9 2020 is Brilliant Idea! featuring Archangel Uriel from the Archangel Oracle Cards. Why are we always so quick to discount our own ideas? Why do we judge our own ideas so harshly? Why do we automatically reject the ideas of others? What is this resistance to the newness of ideas that we experience truly rooted in? Are we saying no for the sake of saying no? Is it automatic? Is it reflexive? Can we be in a more mindful space surrounding the newness of ideas and cultivate a lifestyle in which we try to say yes a little bit (or a lot) more often? Can we listen to (or receive) an idea in a space in which to allow time to digest and process it before we decide to accept or reject it? Sometimes we're so busy preparing to shoot an idea down that we don't even hear what is actually be offered or established. We can also experience the opposite problem, where we have SO very many ideas (or have so many ideas thrown at us) that we don't know how to process or prioritize them, which usually results in us not acting on, and inadvertently rejecting all of those brilliant ideas. Ideas are jumping off points, places of beginning, and they require action to follow their inception. We are being guided to act on the ideas that we receive (be they ourselves or through others). It's time to get on with the getting on part of the program and to begin to bring ideas into fruition. It's time to stop thinking and start doing. Call on Archangel Uriel if you need inspiration, or you need to know which action steps to start with. He's full of inspiration, like an Angelic idea generator. Sometimes when we receive Angelic guidance it can seem like it has nothing to do with what we were asking about. But, when you trust it and follow it, it will naturally lead you to the next steps, and the ones after that, and over time you will see a pattern where things will start to come together and make sense.

When you're really struggling with feeling uninspired, or challenged to choose between multiple ideas, or even need some guidance in figuring out how to communicate with your Angels or guides, a 60 minute Angel Card Session is just what you need: Book a Session!


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