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Do The Work To Level Up Your Life

Our Divine Download for August 8, 2022 is Tortoiseshell Butterfly Fairy from the Woodland Wisdom Oracle Cards. The Tortoiseshell Fairy has an arduous job, floating in and out of view, working mostly behind the scenes. She acknowledges that you have felt some anguish in the past, that things have been more challenging that you would have liked or you have deserved for them to be. She also applauds you for never giving up because you like she, are a persistent worker. Because you already understand and acknowledge the presence of angels and fairies, you will feel a change coming soon which will elevate you away from the emotional struggles and challenges of the past. You are coming into a better and more aligned way of living. Listen for the sounds of the Tortoiseshell Butterfly Fairy's wings in your ears and the inspiration of her guidance as they are there to carry you forward to a place of power within your mind. Enjoy the ride as you get from here to there, as your present moment enjoyment of the process will bring good fortune to your path forward and allow you to more fully embrace and enjoy your life. Start now is the guidance of the Tortoiseshell Butterfly Fairy and attach the necessary importance and focus on the way ahead because you are at a point in time and in your own personal development where you can move your life forward in a significant way to allow for more enjoyment in your life, which you surely deserve. The Tortoiseshell Butterfly fairy cautions you not to expect the work that lies ahead to always be easy, as she assures that it will not be, and she reminds you that you may need the help of others. Learning to ask for the help to be given, and learning to accept it when it is offered and when it is given is part of your growth lesson at this time.

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