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Don't Underestimate Your Own Intelligence

Our Divine Download for March 12, 2022 is Octopus/Intelligence from the Animal Kin Oracle Cards. The Octopus reminds us that it is not important what we know, but rather it is important as to how we choose to use it. The octopus is known to have highly developed problem solving skills and he reminds us that this is also true for us. The octopus encourages us to think laterally to find creative solutions to our problems. Octopus is known to sacrifice a limb in order to escape danger and asks us to consider while looking at our own problems if perhaps there is a part of ourselves which we need to let go of in order to escape any perceived sense of danger we may find ourselves in. Octopus encourages us to trust that whatever we need to let go of is not anything that we need, and he encourages us to trust that we also have the ability to regenerate and to thrive. When we choose to forbid to let others take all of us, or when we choose to walk away and regain our composure, we learn something new about ourselves, and our willingness and ability to do so is a sure sign of octopus-like intelligence. Consider where you may need to be willing to release or even sacrifice part of yourself. Consider where you have not been willing to think outside of the box in areas where you have felt stuck or our of options or solutions. The octopus is a highly adaptive creature who has many skills and many different ways to evade, or challenge predators, and many more ways in which to protect themselves. So too do you have many different ways to approach the situations in your own life. Take a page out of octopus's playbook and be willing to use all of your skills and all of your resources.

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