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Don't Worry (Seriously, Don't!)

Our Divine Download for May 19, 2020 is Seven of Autumn/Cow from the Animal Tarot Cards. The Seven of Autumn is the Seven of Coins, Earth, Pentacles, and Ariel in other Tarot interpretations. This lovely, lovable cow is your huge glaring sign flashing "DON'T WORRY!" Seriously. The Seven of Autumn assures you that there is no need (NO need) to worry because the seeds that you've planted will come to fruition. Everything is happening as it should. Delays at this time are necessary and proper to ensure a positive outcome. So, our cow friend throws everyone's favorite word at us and encourages us to have patience (I can hear you groan from here!) and be open to receive your next steps so that you know which action you do need to be taking right now in order to ensure the harvest of your big beautiful dreams. Heaven is working behind the scenes to make our dreams a success. Cows are symbols of abundance, future potential, remaining grounded, and even new beginnings. But, they don't usually move terribly quickly, hence our message to "Have patience!" Give it a little longer and you will (WILL!) begin to see tangible results in the investment of your hard work. This is a good time to rest, regroup, and do some additional planning for the future in the interim. It's seriously just a matter of time until you can reap the rewards that you're hoping for.


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