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Dream Your Abundance Into Reality

Our Divine Download for November 28, 2022 is Dreams of Abundance from the Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards. Guess what? Your dreams of abundance are coming true! Whoo-hoo! If you haven't been dreaming of abundance, now is the time to start (like RIGHT now!) Breathe life into those dreams and paint those pictures in your head and your heart with glorious technicolor details. See it. FEEL it. Appreciate it. Be grateful for it. Make it SO darn real that it has no other choice but than to jump out of your head straight into your reality. You can manifest in this way with the dreams that you dream at night, with your day dreams, with your hopes, your wishes, and your prayers. All of these are forms of co-creation and co-manifestation with the universe. It is super important for us to dream in this way and to become super duper clear about what it is we are wanting to manifest, what our dreams are. We would never go into a restaurant and tell a waiter or waitress "just bring me whatever." Heck no! We are SUPER specific when we order and we have created the art of ordering things cooked a specific way, minus some things, plus others, with certain things substituted or on the side. This is the way that we have to dream and put our intentions out to the universe, especially pertaining to abundance. The universe cannot bring us what we do not ask for. So start dreaming because it's time to get to the asking.

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