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Dream Your Creations, Create Your Dreams

Our Divine Download for April 6, 2022 is Dreamtime/Creation from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. For the Aborigines of Australia, the dreamtime is a place both before and outside of time in which ancestral spirit beings came to Earth and gave all of life its form. You are being asked to dream in a real and tangible way right now, perhaps trying to tune into and access this dreamtime space. Within your dreams, whether your nocturnal dreams, your day dreams, or perhaps the cosmic and ancestral dreams which live in your soul and exist within the dreamtime space, there is something that you are being encouraged to create within your life and for the world. Your creation, born in your dreams, is urging you to conceive of a plan to bring it to life. It's time to work on actively giving birth to your beautiful dreams. This is also a reminder from you, from the universe, that anything and everything within in your life has been created and can therefore be changed, or something else can be created in it's place. This is our reminder not to buy into reality to such an extent that we forget the power that we have to create. This is also our reminder to visit our dreamtime space and to take inventory of the beautiful dreams and potentials that we have access to bring to life which live there. There really is nothing but potential. You have the power to dream, conceive, and achieve anything that your little heart desires.

If you have disconnected from your dreamtime space, or have never really been one to focus on any incarnation of your dreams, your Angels will offer Spiritual Action Steps to help you reconnect with your dreams and your passions. Schedule Your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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