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Elevate Your Energy

Our Divine Download for July 14, 2020 is Raise Your Vibration/Frangipani/Plumeria from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. It's not easy to keep your energy clean, and clear, and tuned up, and your vibration raised. It's not easy under normal circumstances, but during a global pandemic that is fraught with uncertainty and conditions changing daily, it can feel darned near impossible. But, we are being gently reminded and guided that this is exactly what we need to do and it is more important now than ever for us to do so, because our own messages and guidance can't get through if our energy is all clogged by the thick ickiness of the collective. There are many great ways to cleanse and clear your energy, and ultimately whatever practice you choose needs to be something that you feel intuitively guided to use and it needs to be something that you do each and every day. I often speak of the idea of energetic hygiene and how it is as important (if not more so) than physical or personal hygiene. This card is clear guidance for you that you need to either develop an energetic hygiene routine, or you need to beef up the one that you currently have as it's just not cutting it right now. Many of us are in the practice of taking off our shoes before we enter our homes because we don't want to bring the germs from the outside world into our sacred home space. Some of us, depending on where we work, may also have stepped up the process we go through to physically remove our work wear and sanitize ourselves when we get home, especially in recent months. But, most of us don't think about the energies that are swirling around out there that glob onto us and we drag home. Do you really want the energy of everyone and everything you've encountered today lingering in your space? Probably not! So it's time to do something about that! It's time to focus on how you clear and cleanse and sanitize your energy field. It's time to make this part of your routine. It's time to stop allowing the weird collective energy that you've been dragging around to interfere with your Divine connection. It's time to clean up and show up because your intuition has something to say to you!

It can be challenging with so much going on just to tune into your intuition to figure out what in the heck it's saying to you, much less figure out how to cultivate an energetic hygiene routine. A Flower Therapy Chakra Reading will tell you exactly where to focus your efforts, what needs to be cleared, and will tell you how to clear it! Book a Session!


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