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Embody The Innocence Of Nature

Our Divine Download for April 28, 2021 is Spend More Time Outdoors and Innocence from the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards. As a whole, our society does not spend enough time outdoors in nature. Back in the day, early man's only job was to exist as a hunter and gatherer while not getting eaten by something bigger and meaner. In order to effectively hunt and gather, we would be outside from sunrise to sunset, if not longer. These days, so many of us are caged working in cubicles, or from home for a very set number of hours each day, allowing little if any time to be outside and to be in nature. Because we are not connecting with and communing with nature, it has become easy for us to forget our own nature, which is one of innocence light and love. When we forget who we are, divine children of the Universe, it is impossible to remember who any of our brothers and sisters are in their truths either. And this is the root of so many of the problems which exist in our world. These problems can't all be solved simply by going outside, but you would be surprised how many problems can be mitigated by making it a priority to spend quality time in nature and connecting to the innocence of your own true nature. We are actually one with all of nature and we forget this, believing that we are somehow separate from nature. But when we make time to surround ourselves with nature, to be outdoors, to commune with our home, we can begin to remember that there is no separateness, there is only levels and layers of connection. Challenge yourself to spend more time outside each day than you typically do. Challenger yourself to connect to nature. Challenge yourself to listen to the messages that she has for you. Ask nature to support you in reconnecting with and recognizing your own innocence. Outside, outdoors, in nature is where it's at. It's where you should be at too.

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