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Embody Your Warrior Spirit

Our Divine Download for June 26, 2022 is Boar/Torc witt he keywords The Warrior Spirit, Leadership, and Direction from The Druid Animal Oracle. The Boar can open you to the warrior spirit and help you to find your direction in life. The boar is a wild and powerful animal and calls you into the forest to discover a secret about yourself and about the world because sometimes we have to seemingly get lost before we can truly find or understand our direction. Boar reminds us that there is wild and untamed power that lives within each of us. When you connect closely with Boar energy you will discover that he is a representative of the goddess and that his skin can heal you, he can be a muse to you inspiring you to write music and poetry, and his primal power can make you a leader or a chief. Challenge yourself to use your wildness and your energy for genuine acts of heroism in a world that longs for insight and healing. The boar may show up for you as a warning that you have lost your sense of direction or veered too far from your divine right path. There is a connection in traditional between madness and pigs or boars and with this, boar can remind us that we must go through a period of breakdown so that something wider and deeper can enter our lives. But, boar reminds us that his warrior spirit lives within us and guides us even when we must endure breakdown before we can build ourselves back up. Sometimes a period of destruction needs to precede a period of creation or our rebirth.

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