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Embrace Mother Mary's Support

Our Divine Download for October 30, 2021 is Mother Mary from the Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards with the message "The Blessed Mother is helping you with your Divine life purpose." This card is an affirmation of the positive healing influence of mother Mary in your life. She symbolizes purity, devotion, miracles, faith, and care for children (this includes your own inner child!) Think of all of the potential ways that you do or could relate to or help children, your own or others: parenthood or being a caretaker, teacher, healer, writer, artist, or inventor who helps children, Mother Mary is here to help you with one or more of these areas right now. Mother Mary invites you to draw closer to her and to foster a more intimate and intentional relationship with her. It doesn't have to be complicated or ritualistic to do so, all you need to do is simply call on her, the same way that you would God, or your Angels, or your Guides. She will bless the lives of all who call upon her. Just like Archangel Gabriel, Mother Mary is non-denominational and access to all people, equally loving, and equally blessing all, regardless of religion, gender, sexuality, political affiliation, etc. Call her name, tell her about your feelings. Ask her to help you with your life's purpose, or any other blessings you may seek from her at this time. She will always (ALWAYS!) me there for you with the sweetest and most comforting live that you've ever felt! What could possibly be a bigger blessing that that?!

Flowers possess much of the same sweet, innocent, pure energy as Mother Mary herself. With a Flower Therapy Healing Session, you experience being balanced and healed by this fantastic, loving flower energy directly on your body! Book Your Flower Therapy Healing Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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