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Embrace The Darkness of Nighttime

Our Divine Download for June 2, 2021 is Resurrection/California Poppy from The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Cards. California Poppies grow, flourish, and thrive during the day time. But when the dark comes, they tuck into themselves, withdrawing from the outer world, growing in a different way. These poppies remind us not only of the balance and the innate wisdom which exist in embracing the natural rhythmic cycles of light and dark, but they also remind us that just like the poppies need true darkness, total darkness in order to take proper rest, so too do we. In an age of street lights, and back lit electronic devices, and electricity, we rarely experience true night or true darkness. The lack of true dark can actually affect our circadian rhythms and has a negative impact on our sleep cycle. Poppy asks us to consider is it possible for us to give ourselves one night, or one weekend, where we unplug everything, all artificial light sources, all electronics, to draw our curtains, and give ourselves the opportunity to be surrounded by the true dark of night? Poppy also acknowledges our tendency for busy-ness and our need to always be on the go, always moving, always multi-tasking and gently reminds us that it is okay to sleep without dreaming, to sleep deeply and for as long as our bodies need to. Poppy soothingly whispers to us "Have no fear, day will come, and you'll once again stretch and unfurl." The truth is that you will be able to stretch and unfurl further and wider when you properly embrace the dark of night. Poppy challenges us to relate to how we react to true, deep, full darkness. Do your thoughts change when you are in the dark? Do you move differently as you move through true darkness? Do you find yourself wanting to be more or less truthful? Do you find yourself wanting to be more or less authentic? Does the nature and rhythm of your conversations change when the light is low or absent? Allow yourself to meet your nighttime self and see how your nighttime self compliments your daytime self. When we make this integration and embrace true dark, and the true restorative, regenerative purpose of night, we allow ourselves to be resurrected each day.

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