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Embrace The Gift Of Your Sensitivity

Our Divine Download for December 5, 2023 is Sensitivity Is a Gift from the Cherub Angels For Children Cards. Some of us are more sensitive than others. #facts Sensitivity can show up in a multitude of different ways. #facts We may be physically sensitive, emotionally sensitive, energetically sensitive, sensitive to energy pertaining to how it affects us personally, or sensitive to the energy that others are feeling or perceiving. Sometimes we can be sensitive in all of the aforementioned ways. It doesn't always feel like a gift. In fact, it can sometimes feel as though it is a curse. But it is also truly a blessing. Because our sensitivity acts as a compass to guide us through our lives with greater accuracy and precision. Our sensitivity is one of the many things that makes us unique and special. Our sensitivity is a gift that helps us define who we are. Sometimes we just need to flip the script on how we look at our own individual sensitivities. Often we need to find a way to not only accept it, but to express gratitude for it, because it truly is a unique and special gift. This can be easier said than done. But, when we have the right tools in our tool box to manage our energetic hygiene properly, it becomes much, much easier to do so. If you have those tools, use them! If you need to find some of those tools, work with an energy healer and your guides to help you gain the tools and the knowledge that you need in order to best use your sensitivity for your greatest and highest good.

Our Angels will happily provide us simple and easy Spiritual Action Steps to guide us to the tools we need for proper energetic hygiene and to embrace our sensitivity during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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