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Embrace The Pause

Our Divine Download for June 21, 2024 is I Pause And Allow The Answer To Come. In The Mystery, All is Revealed from the Wisdom of Del Alma. "Some moments have more questions than answers. I surrender to the feminine flow of life and sit in the holy darkness of change. There is magic when I trust spirit's guidance. I practice patience and dance in the great spiral of the unknown." We think that we have to know all of the things all of the time. The reality is that we just aren't meant to and it's just not even possible. We only make ourselves crazy when we try to figure it all out, and especially when we try to figure it all out right now. There is great peace and stillness in the unknown that we don't choose to access very often. In that peace and stillness is often where some of our much sought answers lie. When we can surrender to not knowing, when we can surrender to the wisdom of patience, and surrender the need for the illusion of control, that is often when we are blessed with the wisdom that is bestowed on us from the divine. When we are pushing SO hard to try to force the answers and illuminate the path and find our way to where we have not yet been guided, we become like the person proverbially trying to pick up a feather where every movement we make pushes that feather just a little further out of our reach and out of our grasp through the sheer energetic force of even the slightest, gentlest movement. When we allow the wind to pick up and deliver the feather to us we are able to simply allow it to land on us or even directly in our hands with minimal effort. This is the way. So take the pause. You don't need to know what you don't know. At least not yet. And when you do or will need to know it, the answer will present itself in the most amazing, magical, timely way possible.

Sometimes we don't know what to do with the pause when the best thing we can do is just embrace it through meditation. If your meditation practice has not looked the way that you've wanted it to look, a Meditation & Me Session can turn that right around. Schedule Your Meditation & Me Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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