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Embrace the Power of Prayer

Our Divine Download for Saturday April 18, 2020 is Surrender to Prayer from the Power of Surrender Cards. Sometimes we look at prayer as an afterthought, or an aside, or something that we don't put a lot of time, thought or energy into. Prayer is POWERFUL. But, it's also a two way street. When we pray, we are asking for guidance, assistance, specifics. When we meditate, however that may look for us, is where and when we receive the answers to our prayers in the form of guidance to specific actions steps. This second part is where we sometimes fall short. Because we forget to listen. We forget that prayer is an ongoing conversation, not a hail mary pass in the heart of a crisis. The more time and energy and commitment we put into nurturing this relationship and fostering the dialog of prayer, the more that we will assuredly get out of it. The more connected we will feel. The easier it will be for us to receive our guidance, our answers. We can also fall into the trap of thinking that prayer needs to be ritualistic or look or sound a certain way. The truth is "Please help me!" is a powerful, powerful prayer. Surrendering to the process of prayer, to the two way dialogue, to asking and receiving requires an act of faith and conviction. It's basically affirming to the Universe that you're not just going through the motions. It's affirming to the Universe that you KNOW your prayers are being heard. It's affirming to the Universe that you BELIEVE that your prayers will be answered (and accepting that you don't get to dictate HOW and WHEN your prayers will be answered.) When you can look at prayer as an on-going dialogue, and a regular occurrence, it becomes much easier to surrender into it's power. And that surrender boosts the power of your prayers just that much more!