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Embrace Your Infinite Potential!

Our Divine Download for March 16, 2021 is Surrender to Complete Healing from The Power of Surrender Cards. Hey, guess what?! You've been selling yourself short! You've been playing too small when it comes to your own potential for healing. This card is here to tell us that we are capable of COMPLETE healing. As in there is absolutely nothing "wrong" with us. Not physically. Not mentally. Not emotionally. Not in ANY area of our lives. Not. A. Single. Thing. Now I know there are some of you reading this who are going to immediately balk and say "Nope! Not possible. Because I'm always going to have my "insert ailment here." But, I'm calling you out! Because do you see what you just did? Are you aware of what you just said? MY ailment. It's NOT yours! It doesn't define you! And regardless of what any alleged professional may have said about it being "life long" or "incurable," the truth is that you are already whole and you are capable of healing. And miracles happen every day. EVERY. Single. Day. If there is something within your life that you want to see healed, believe that it is possible, and so it is. Surrender to your power and ability to heal. Surrender to the Universe's power and ability to heal. Surrender to the potency and potentiality of healing. Allow healing to take place in your life. See yourself as the perfectly whole and perfectly healed child of the divine that you always have been. Your current state is not indicative of your potential. Your potential in all things is unlimited. Infinite. And that includes healing! Which feels better to you: to surrender to the opinions of practitioners who describe what they do as "practicing" and accept their worst case scenarios as absolutes and ultimatums OR to allow for, trust, and accept that you are capable of full complete healing and wholeness? It's a choice, just like most things in our lives. We can choose to be defined and controlled by those diagnoses and prognosis we've received, or we can choose to accept that this to is a temporary state that is able to be healed completely. Choose wisely. And choose which works best for you. But please, please stop playing small with your healing. The whole Universe is behind you, with you, and conspiring for your infinite potential healing! And so it is!

Your healing can start today by connecting with your guides and Angels for simple, easy, practical action steps towards wholeness and healing during a 60 Minute Angel Card Session. Book Yours Here!

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