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Embrace Your Inner Wolf

Our Divine Download for April 26, 2022 is Run With Wolves from the Earthcraft Oracle Cards. This card usually comes to you when you are questioning your relationship or interactions with others, or when you have lost pieces of yourself and what is important to you because you have been prioritizing the desires of others over your own. As you become more aware of your emotional needs, you might find that familiar relationships, even those with family of origin, may no longer align with your soul. It may be time to consider if you have been running with the wrong pack. It could mean that you must find your full voice so that you can lovingly create better boundaries in your relationships. It could also mean that you need to venture outside of your comfort zone, into the proverbial wilderness in order to find a new or different pack. Wolves are fierce and loyal pack animals and they rely on one another within their pack for food, safety, and shelter because there is strength in numbers. If you are considering leaving your "pack" or your family of origin, this card is letting you know that you are not meant to be a solitary animal and you are encouraged to venture out and find, or even create your own new pack. Wolves howl in order to communicate their location and to issue warnings. Perhaps this card comes up for you because you need to exercise your throat chakra in a manner similar to a wolf's howl. You are not being served by staying in an overly aggressive pack or any dynamic where your basic needs are not being met. Use your voice to howl until these dynamics shift, or you find a pack for which you are better suited and who is better able to meet your needs. You deserve no less.

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