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Embrace Your Magick!

Our Divine Download for June 8, 2021 is Magick Guardian encouraging us to "Unlock the Magick Within" from the Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards. Our Magick Guardian insists that we stop looking outside ourselves and recognize and acknowledge that you (YES! YOU!!) have incredible power within. Did you know that Magick, with a "k," refers to the energy of the universe that allows you to manifest and create through the direction and power of your own will?! So that's a pretty big deal. Your magick changes with your frequency. (uh oh...) This is why it's *really* important to keep our frequency, our vibe, our energy clean, clear, and free of outside influence or interference. Which is obviously often easier said than done. But the Magick Guardian is a representation of the angel of magick who helps you direct your will to bring something into creation. She is the anfle of all magick that is directed for the highest good of whoever is working with it. So if you ask her, she will help to elevate your vibe, or more likely offer action steps to help your elevate your energy to allow you to best direct your will and partner with her and the universe for manifestation. You truly do have this magick, and this ability within you, and she will inspire you to recognize and accept it. Often when our manifestation efforts do not work, it is because we are trying to use our magick and our manifestation power to bend or influence the free will choice of others. And this will never work. Free will choice is a hard and fast, finite law of the Universe that *must* be followed and cannot be circumvented. Whatever you are looking for, is already within you. You ARE powerful. You ARE magical. But your power can only be powerful when you own it. Your magick can only be magickal when you accept it and exercise it. So take time to acknowledge the truth of who and what you really are. And the Magick Guardian will guide you to your next great feat.

If it is challenging for you to accept these truths about yourself and your own magickal nature, perhaps you need a pep talk (or some true talk) from your Angels and your Spiritual Committee. Connect with them and allow them to guide and support you during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Here: Book Your Session!

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