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Embrace Your Manifestation Authority

Our Divine Download for March 4, 2021 is Authority and Manifest from the Indigo Angels Oracle Cards. We just mentioned yesterday that you are a powerful manifester. You are. It's true. But, have you chosen to recognize and embrace your authority as the gifted manifester that you are? We often are so disconnected from source, from the flow of the manifestation process, that we assume that we cannot do it, or that we're bad at it, or worse: that we're doing it wrong! But we CAN do it. We ARE good at it. And, it's pretty hard to screw up. There really isn't right or wrong in the realm of manifestation. There's only more and less effective ways to go about doing things. We all have innate manifestation abilities. Each and every single one of us. But manifestation is more than just dreaming about what you want in your life. Manifestation is deciding that your dreams have already come to fruition on a spiritual level and trusting that with Divine timing (no, not your timing!) they WILL appear in material form. And it's about FEELING that. Believing, trusting, and feeling that more intensely and acutely than you've ever felt anything else in your entire life. This card asks you to be aware of just how must your energy, your thoughts, and your feelings affect the reality that you create for yourself. Whoa. Yeah. This card also stresses the importance of believing in yourself. Believing in an acknowledging your own authority. Because when you do, when you can realize and accept that all of the things in your life, your current reality, was already created by your manifestation abilities, you truly have the ability to move mountains with your magic. When you use your natural manifestation power, you completely trust, and intensely believe that each new day is preparing you for the next chapter of your life. And each chapter will be more wonderful and more magical than the one that came before. So get to it. Manifest on my friends!

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