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Emerge Into The Next Best Cycle Of Your Life

Our Divine Download for April 25, 2023 is Dragonfly/Emergence from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. This is your sign, though you likely did not need the confirmation, that you are in an intense process of emerging into the next cycle of your life. Just like the dragonfly cannot retreat backwards into the stage of a nymph following it's emergence as a dragonfly, you cannot go backwards from where you have come either. You are braver, stronger, wiser, and simply more seasoned now which makes it impossible for you to age, or emerge backwards. So go ahead and take big demonstrative exhale and blow away any worries that the stages or cycles of your life which may have been challenging or been peppered with hardship will repeat, because this is your assurance that they simply cannot. It is not possible. With this particular emergence, unlike more gradual shifts in awareness that you may have experienced in the past, this one is happening rapidly and also possibly came on unexpectedly. This is great because without any pauses, there simply isn't room or time for contemplation or indecision. You may even feel as though you are unprepared for such dramatic changes in your life, yet you ARE absolutely prepared and are fully able to put your experiences and the wisdom that you have accumulated to use now. Life is demanding that you move into the next stage of maturity. Staying put or standing still simply isn't an option for you now. This likely requires you to adjust your thinking about yourself, others, and your community. It calls for you to shed yet another layer of your ego-filled defense and let go of any illusions of being less than who you are. This period of emergence is one of broadened consciousness and heightened perceptual capabilities. Since this is inevitable, it is best to surrender to the flow and allow yourself to gracefully move into the next cycle of your life.

Our Angels will guide us through our emergence with Spiritual Action Steps offered during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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