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Emerge Into The Next Stage of Your Growth

Our Divine Download for July 11, 2023 is Emerge/Eastern Tiger Swallowtail with the message "What am I OPENING into?" from the Prairie Magic Oracle Cards. We've all been in proverbial cocoons for a hot minute since the pandemic. One way or another, we've all been transforming, or transformed. It's arguable for some if this transformation is for better or for worse, and goddess knows that we certainly see people out and about where we can only hope the previous incarnation (and potential subsequent ones) were better... But, we're getting ready to shed those cocoons and see the tangible changes of the transformations that we've all been experiencing and working so very hard on. NONE of these transformations have been particularly easy or felt particularly good. Some of them have been beyond rough, beyond harsh, and really just super, duper challenging. But now it's time to shed the "comfort" of the cocoon where we've been hiding as we've been shifting and growing and changing, and allow ourselves to emerge as the transformed, next, greatest versions of ourselves. Just remember that when it comes to emerging, butterflies and moths and other cocooned creatures don't simply rip out of their cocoons and fly away. Rather it is a gradual process, a gentle unfolding, and sometimes there needs to be periods of rest in between to allow the new version of ourselves to unfold, unfurl, and even dry off or hang out a little bit. The same is true for us. So just as you've been guided to have patience through the cocooned transformation process, you are being guided to have a bit of patience with the glorious process of emerging as well.

When we have gone through major transformation and change, it can throw us a bit off center and an Integrative Reiki Session is just the thing to help balance out our energies and support our bodies as we emerge into our new forms and begin this next stage of our growth. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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