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Emerge With Patience

Our Divine Download for March 11, 2021 is Emerging from the Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards. If this card had a theme song, it would be I'm Coming Out by Diana Ross or Get the Party Started by Pink! We're waking up, and we're coming out, emerging from the shells we've been in for numerous different reasons and circumstances. And, we're not just waking up to the same conditions that existed when first we cocooned. Nope. Instead, we're waking up and emerging into new and different circumstances and better versions of our lives as better and more whole versions of ourselves. And these new lives we're emerging into, well, they're filled with joy, and love, and dare I say: FUN! As it should be! We've done the work, and we're ready to shine. But, just like the caterpillar who emerges from his cocoon a a butterfly, we need a minute to stretch and unfold our new forms and allow our wings to properly air out and dry, lest we emerge damaged or wrinkled. So, this isn't an emergence where we can go barging and charging into these new lives we've earned. Rather, this is a slower, more sustained emergence where things have and are shifting over time. There might still be some work we need to do as we unfurl and unfold and begin to stretch. This is very much also a marathon we're preparing for, not a sprint. So though we might want everything to change and shift around us to echo the inner changes and shifts that we've made, it may take some time before those ripples of change and natural evolution catch up to us. And that's okay! Because we've got the time. We will continue to grow and shift and change and emerge more and more as our authentic selves each and every day. The difference with this emergence, from any past awakening is that this one is meant to be savored and enjoyed and each and every day will only get better and better and better as we become more and more and more of who we truly are. So any delays that occur now, and any changes which may seem to be taking their sweet time, I promise you friends, they are absolutely worth the wait!

Change can be uncomfortable and it can feel challenging and unnatural. Give yourself some extra energetic support with an Integrative Reiki Session to help your physical body emerge and integrate the changes that you've been making. Book your session Here!


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