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Empower Your Confidence

Our Divine Download for September 21, 2020 is Confidence from the Spellcasting Oracle Cards. Well if this isn't serendipitous timing following yesterday's Divine Download, I just don't know what is! The lack of confidence is blocking you from living your fullest, best, most beautiful life. Guess what: that lack of confidence comes from a surprising source - it stems from lack of trust. In yourself. It's time to knock that off and to cut it out. Why would you let your self doubt run the show and rob your of confidence? It's way past time that you trust your natural gifts and abilities. It's time to stop asking and ruminating over questions that you already KNOW the answers to! Forget that. Trust and believe in yourself. You've never let you down. Really let that sink in. You haven't. You may have been disappointed in outcomes. You may have made mistakes. But you did not in actuality do anything wrong or bad. You learned and you grew. And you're still here and you're still kicking. So let it go, whatever it is. Release all that's knocked or blocked your confidence. STOP comparing yourself to others. Fact: you're not them. They're not you. Fact. Shush that inner critic. KNOW that you can do it. Whatever it is! Put yourself out there - try! Use positive affirmations to fake it until you make it. Affirmations will bolster your feelings of self assurance and help you connect with your inner knowing while you silence that damn inner critic. Affirmations are also powerful tools which will allow you to increase your appreciation of your unique qualities and gifts. As your confidence increases, it's like any other muscle - it needs to be trained, conditioned, and stretched on a regular basis in order to build endurance and train in strength. As you build your confidence and your natural confidence emerges, it becomes easier for you to share your gifts and talents with the world, with empowerment and strong conviction. And that's what it's all about. Because that's exactly what the world needs right now.

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