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Empowered Secrets Discovered

Our Divine Download for August 12, 2022 is Magpie/Secrets discovered from the Feathered Omens Messenger Birds from the Spirit World oracle Cards. Magpie appears because information is coming your way - usually of a secretive or even metaphysical nature. You may even be picking up on some hidden information psychically so honor your intuition at this time. You will be discovering secrets. People may share things with you that they should not, and some of this information may even be distasteful and feel as though it is more than you can handle - it may even be something that you wish you did not know. Magpie reminds you to use the knowledge coming your way carefully and to plan carefully for how you will use any secretive information that you receive. Magpie also alerts you that you will gain something you desire from the proper use of the knowledge that has come your way, although the benefit may come in an obtuse or unusual manner, or even involve some slight repercussions that you may not have considered or been aware of. Be mindful of how you use this new information for when you are irresponsible with information and knowledge, you may suffer consequences. Knowledge is power and Magpie reminds us to concern ourselves more with our own situation than that of others. Just because you have acquired knowledge and possess information does not necessarily mean that you should use it at this time. Sometimes it is simply best to keep the information to yourself and to play your cards close to the vest, regardless how accurate, thorough, and complete your information is. Always make sure that your intent is to be helpful, not hurtful, when it comes to disclosing information for much power lies in intention as well.

When challenging or harsh energy comes in to you through secrets discovered, those energies can create negativity within your energetic field. Release those negative energies and balance your energetic field with an Integrative Reiki Session. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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