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Enjoy a Cooperative Collective Focused Month

Our Divine Download for October 6, 2021 is Full Moon in Libra "A win-win outcome is forecast" from the Moonology Oracle Cards. Whoa. So our New Moon that is physically happening today is in (wait for it, drum roll please!) LIBRA! This is such a beautiful serendipity and it's really a pretty big deal with some pretty potent energy. We're basically being told that whatever we start today will manifest during this next lunar cycle, as long as we prioritize and strive for balance. Libra is an energy of partnerships and balance and we are encouraged to find balance between our own personal desires and those of the people around us over the course of this next lunar cycle. Rather than the focus just being on what we want and how we can win, we are being guided that there is more of what we want and more winning when we prioritize others as well. This is a beautiful energy for resolving disagreements and conflicts. Rather than the idea of compromise being a negative thing or even an unpleasant word, Full Moon in Libra suggests the type of divinely inspired compromise that will lead to all parties walking away feeling as though they've "won" both individually and collectively. What could possibly be better than that?! Libra energy also helps us to see others through the eyes of love, which makes it just a little bit easier to balance our ego with their needs. Cooperative energy abounds and the focus will likely be on the collective for the next lunar cycle. How will you find balance within this cooperative and collective energy?

Libra puts the energy of partnership into the forefront. It's not always easy to keep our own needs in mind or to find balance within partnership dynamics. Our Angels will help us look at our relationships and guide us towards that balance during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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