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Enjoy Playful Intuition

Our Divine Download for March 11, 2022 is Dolphin/Play and Owl/Intuition from the Animal Kin Oracle Cards. We're being put on notice that the best way to enhance our intuition and our intuitive connection to the divine is to just play and have more fun. Easy peasy. But, wait, what?! We tend to take and make our intuition all kinds of serious, and in doing so we forget the importance of the lighthearted energy of play. We are meant to play. We are meant to have fun. We are meant to enjoy our lives. We're meant to be in joy. Play is an integral part of that. The more that we are in joy, which is our natural state, the more that we are in the natural flow of the universe. The more that we'e in the natural flow of the universe, the louder and more accurate our intuition is. The louder and more accurate our intuition is, the more capable we are of hearing it. The more we hear our intuition, the more likely we are to actually listen to it. The more we listen to our intuition and take divinely inspired action, the more in the flow of the universe we are. It's a beautiful, infinite cycle, and this is the way that we are meant to be. What is your favorite way to play? Are you connected with what it means to play at this stage of your life? What is your intuition telling you is the best way to play? How can you allow yourself to be more playful with and about your intuition? What is the greatest wisdom you have intuited from play? Sometimes both play and any intuitive practice get labeled or looked at as just more or other things that we have to do, chores even. But then we tend to avoid them, just like we avoid many (most?) of the other things that we look at in this way. When we can lighten up our outlook and our energy and make play and intuition something that we WANT to do, rather than something that we have to or even must do, we can enjoy them so much more and that just breeds exponentially more success on both fronts. So lighten up, prioritize your play, and prepare for your own personal Divine Downloads to level right up!

When we have not prioritized play for a while, it can feel daunting to figure out how to begin to do so again. Our Angels are experts on us, and will gladly help us figure out what it means for us to play at this stage in our lives during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session HERE: Book Your Session TODAY!

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