Enjoy Stillness at Your Center

Our Divine Download for June 24, 2021 is You Are the Foundation/Howlite from The Illustrated Crystallary. Howlite encourages us in her soft way to come back to our center and to sit in stillness. Not forever. Just for a bit. Maybe even a moment or two. It is necessary for us to center and regroup from time to time, to touch in with our foundation, in order to allow all of our projects, our relationships, even our conversations to regain their proper easy flow and synchronicity which occurs when we and strong in our still and quiet way. When we can take the time to root into our foundation in this way, we become much more solid and aren't as easily ruffled or shaken by the events which are bound to occur in our every day lives. It is at our center, our foundation, where we become less distracted by the excess aggravation and random irritations of life. This is the place where our power lies. This is the place where we are meant to harness our own true, full power. Howlite advises us to sink into the still point with ourselves. How often do you allow yourself to be still? How often do you feel connected with the still, and unshakable foundation at the center of yourself? How often do you feel truly strong? Do you feel fully connected to your own power? When was the last time that you allowed yourself to sink into the stillness within yourself? Louise Hay said "When we create peace and harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives." We can create this peace, harmony, and balance, by sitting in stillness and coming back to our center. This is where our foundation lies.

Stillness isn't easy for many people in this day and age of constant busy-ness. Our physical bodies are usually the first to feel out of balance from all of our rushing, and our busy, and our lack of foundational stillness. You can restore your physical body to homeostasis (and enjoy a little bit of stillness while you're at it) with an AromaTouch Session with essential oils! This is a wonderfully relaxing treat for mind, body, and spirit and a great way to support your own foundation. Book Your AromaTouch Session Today: Book Your Session Here!