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Enjoy The Ride

Our Divine Download for October 8, 2021 is Go With the Flow from the Magic of Unicorns Oracle Cards with the message "Relax and trust. Accept what is happening." Right now the currents of the universe are flowing in your favor. Can you accept that? Do you believe that? Will you allow yourself to tune in and feel that? You are being called on right now to have faith and to trust that all is in the right and divine order and that everything is happening as it should in divine timing. Are you able to relax? Do you allow yourself to relax? Do you invest in yourself through the gift of relaxation? What does it mean to you to relax? If you have trouble feeling safe and allowing yourself to properly relax, ask your unicorn to place a protective ball of white light around you as an extra layer of divine protection. You are held in safety and in that magical, protected, unicorn energy. How do you experience the current of the river of your life right now? Is it slow and steady? Is it rushing and chaotic with rocks and obstacles just below the surface? Is it at a stand still? However you experience the current of the river of your life, you are being guided to surrender to the cosmic current. Sense yourself floating along, at whatever pace, quickly or slowly, in perfect safety, knowing that you are always in the right place at the right time, exactly as you are meant to be. You are also meant to enjoy your journey! How will you ensure that you enjoy the journey through the river of your life from this moment forward? Try affirming "I relax and go with the flow." And so it is!

With so much information coming at us all of the time, it can feel impossible not to have a million doubts and a million questions. Your Angels will offer your reassurance and clarity during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading so address and answer those questions to allow you to better relax and go with the flow. Book Your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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