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Enjoy The Sunny Satisfaction Of Satisfied Desires

Our Divine Download for July 27, 2022 is Iris/Satisfied Desire from the Flowers Of Love Oracle Cards. Iris can speak of conquest, challenge, struggle, granted desire, declaration, good news, complicity, and a romantic date. In Japan Iris is planted on the roof as a lucky charm. Iris advises you to enjoy the deserved conquest with fullness and gratitude. Iris suggests that you hit a bull's eye and will not be rewarded with emotional security, affection, love, an affectionate message, or an occasion to be celebrated. Iris brings in the assurance of a reward and the fulfillment of a long-held desire, but this is a reward or desire that you have frankly worked your ass off for! It is a reward or desire that is *finally* coming in for you now after a potentially dark, stormy, or emotionally rainy period of your life. It has not been easy to get to this point. But do not let the challenging times that you have gone through or the struggle that you have experienced negate the magnitude of the reward or achievement that you are arriving at. Give yourself permission, and the grace and space to celebrate and to experience and enjoy your own success. Iris brings with it the rainbow after the storm, and we could not experience the rainbow in the absence of the storm, or at least the rain. Sometimes we need those rainy or stormy conditions in our lives, or those periods of rain and emotionally challenging storms in order to be better able to recognize, experience, and appreciate the rainbows that bring with them our satisfied desires. Iris promises that it may not always be sunshine and rainbows, but that it is all good now and you will not ever repeat the exact same stormy conditions that have gotten you to this point.

In order to be able to have our desires satisfied, we must be willing and able to receive our satisfied desires from the universe, which can be quite challenging for a great many of us. Our Angels will offer Spiritual Action Steps which will help us open to being willing and able to receive not only our satisfied desires but all of the blessings available to us. Schedule Your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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