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Evolve Your Way of Being

Our Divine Download for November 21, 2022 is Arcturian Light Codes/Evolutionary Downloads, Recalling Power, Future Thinking from the Gateway of Light Activation Oracle. The evolutionary theme of 2022 continues for us and we are able to evolve into a greater state of being now, moreso than ever. This begins with how we approach even the most mundane tasks in our own little universe that we have created in our every day lives. Show up for yourself in ways that you have never shown up for yourself before. So many of us wish to escape our lives, escape our perceived struggles, and the challenges that exist everywhere we look on planet Earth. But the message here is to check in instead of checking out, and to do so in a bigger bolder way than you ever have before. Life is not happening to you, but rather you have a huge part to play in the co-creation of your reality. Recall your power and realize that you are part of the evolution of humanity and it's time to become the leader that you were born to be. It doesn't matter if you're leading yourself, or leading in any official capacity, the key is to create more presence and more loving ways of doing things. Honor the ideas or thoughts that you have had recently. If you have been hearing high-pitched noises, seeing flickers of light, or sensing that you are being visited by beings in your sleep, know that you are receiving downloads from the heavens and that universal support is with you now.

Humans are creatures of habit and we become rooted and stuck in our thinking and out ways of doing things. Our Angels can help us see things from a new and fresh perspective during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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