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Examine Your Relationship With Possessions

Our Divine Download for November 9, 2022 is Possessions/Fehu from The Rune Cards. Possessions is a Rune of fulfillment, ambition satisfied, love fulfilled, and rewards received. Whoo-hoo! It promises nourishment from the most worldly to the sacred and the Divine. This Rune asks us to look deeply into the meaning of profit and gain in your life. Look with care to know what you require for your well-being. Is it wealth and possessions or rather self-rule and the growth of will? Fehu also promotes conserving what has already been gained. This Rune urges vigilance and continual mindfulness, especially in times of good fortune, for it is then that you are likely to collapse yourself into success and potentially behave recklessly. Enjoy your good fortune and remember to share it because the mark of the well-nourished self is the willingness to nourish others. Fehu asks you to recognize where your true nourishment lies and consider if you need to examine your relationship with the shadow side of possessions. If you are experiencing doubtful situations in abundance, or considerable frustrations, especially in terms of falling short of your efforts, or feeling as though you must watch helplessly while what you have gained dwindles away, observe what is happening. Be willing to ask "what do I need to learn from this in my life" and be willing to take the necessary actions in order to facilitate that learning.

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