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Expand From Within

Our Divine Download for September 2, 2022 is Expansiveness from the Angelic Messenger Cards. Expansiveness suggests that your present challenge lies in setting aside your intellectual beliefs and awakening your intuitive wisdom. The guidance that comes through this flower is to reclaim your divine right to love and to abundance and to use these forms of energy as the divine does as a basis for all of your creation. This flower seeks to entice you into the unknown. It challenges you to set aside your decisions and suspend all judgments in order to journey deep within yourself to determine the meaning of your existence. When you are able to do this, everything else will wait as you come into expansiveness and alignment as you focus on the sacred in your life and within yourself. Expansiveness is a state of being that carries you deep into the realm of your own spirit by means of releasing and re-evaluating past learned or experienced limitations. Which of your limitations do you wish to expand beyond? Which of your experiences require you to expand your knowledge, your wisdom, your perspective in order to grow and expand upon? There are portals of new and expanded awareness that are available to you and calling to you as the golden light of the flower opens you to some deep inner truth? What is your inner truth, and in what way does it lead you to your own purpose? How does your own inner truth sustain you? Where in your life do you need to expand? What are you waiting for? So often we believe that expansion must come from outside of ourselves, when in reality all true expansion stems from connecting to and expanding our awareness of what has existed within us all along.

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