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Expect The Best: Focus On The Positive

Our Divine Download for October 12, 2022 is New Moon in Sagittaritus/Focus On The Positive from the Moonology Manifestation Oracle Cards. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter the most positive, optimistic, and benefic planet in the zodiac. So of course Sagittarius is the perfect sign to partner with to focus on the positive in a new and different way than we ever have before, and in a completely new and different cycle than we've ever know before. Between now and through and the upcoming Sag season, we're going to see shifts and changes in our lives for the positive and for the better. Our biggest guidance here is to be willing to embrace the new and allow this to be the brilliant new beginning or beginnings and not to hold ourselves back and delay or deny our blessings because we're stuck in old patterns, old doubt, old mindsets, and just the icky sticky past. Yeah, some shit happened before. And yeah, it was shit. Absolute shit as a matter of fact. But it wasn't ALL shit. Your life hasn't ALL been shit. And just because some things went sideways in the past and things may not have worked out the way that you'd hoped that they would, it doesn't mean that same shit is going to happen again. It won't in fact, because as previously stated, this is your brilliant new beginning. The only way you're going to rinse and repeat the past shit is if that is what you expect. If you expect it, you will manifest it, especially if you fear it. Law of attraction baby. BUT, if you hold out event he tiniest sliver of hope that things can be different this time, than you are feeding that energy and focusing on the positive. Challenge yourself to find the positive in all of the circumstances in your life. It's always there, even if you have to slog through shit to find it. ;)

It can feel challenging if not impossible to focus on the positive when you have negative energies and associations stuck within your body. And Integrative Reiki Session can release, shift, and balance those negative energies making it easier for you to focus on the positive with better connection and greater clarity. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!

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