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Experience Prosperity

Our Divine Download for December 8, 2021 is Prosperity from the Spellcasting Oracle Cards. When we stop focusing on money we will be supplied with what we need. We are guaranteed prosperity at this time. Prosperity is defined as "the state of being prosperous, the condition of being successful or thriving, especially economic well-being." Where in your life do you already have prosperity? Where in your life are you successful? Where in your life are you thriving? Where in your live to you have economic well-being? When we focus on where we already experience prosperity and we do so with the energy of gratitude, it opens the door for us to experience so much more prosperity and in so many other areas of our lives. When we only focus on prosperity as relating to how much money we have, it creates an energetic loop hole where we are inadvertently focusing on what we lack, and usually gratitude is not much at play here. We need to be in touch with the law of attraction and our ability to manifest. We must be mindful of exactly what we are wishing for. Sometimes, many times, prosperity takes on different forms than that of traditional money. For example, a lucrative business offer or arrangement can be a form of prosperity. We need to be open and surrender to the different forms prosperity can take for us when it shows up. This is our reassurance that worry and concerns are about to be things of the past, as successful and flourishing circumstances are coming calling. The energy of affluence surrounds us, signaling that financial success is ours for the taking. Wealth is knocking on your door and asks you to invite in a little luxury, because this is a most prosperous time.

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