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Experience The Joy Of Receiving

Our Divine Download for January 14, 2022 is Open Your Arms to Receiving/Eucalyptus from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. The message of Eucalyptus is "You've prayed for help; now be open to accepting it." We are straight up being called out on the challenges, or even complete block we have to receiving right now. In the dance of manifestation with the universe, receptivity is a crucial step that cannot be missed or skipped. It is necessary and healthy for us to receive, and more than that, it is safe for us to receive. So many of us develop blocks to receptivity, sort of like defiant toddlers with the attitude of "I'll just do it myself!" These attitudes are coping mechanisms that come from having been hurt, disappointed, and let down in the past. However, these coping mechanisms are not healthy because we are not meant to go it alone or to do it all ourselves. We are not meant to be completely independent or solitary creatures. Not to mention that it brings joy to others when we allow them to care for us and when we are open and able to receive their gifts to us, regardless of if they are gifts of time, service, or literal tangible gifts. Just as it brings joy to us when we are able to give to others in these ways. Why would you want to deny joy to those people in your life who wish to give to you? Why would you choose to deny joy to anyone for any reason at this time when joy is one of those things that the world so obviously needs? If you really, truly feel challenged when it comes to opening your arms to receiving, here is a Spiritual Action Step to help with that: Open your arms as wide as you possibly can - we're talking shoulder blades pressed together. Take a deep, cleansing breath in this space and blow it away. Declare to the universe "I am open to receive!" And so it is!

Sometimes pain from past experiences can settle within our physical bodies creating challenges and blocks to our receptivity. Clear that pain and allow yourself to release it during an Integrative Reiki Session. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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