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Explore Yourself, Your Surroundings, Your Options

Our Divine Download for March 16, 2022 is Wombat/exploration from the Animal Kin Oracle Cards. Wombat reminds us that the key to balancing all of life's challenges is to explore innovative solutions. As highly solitary animals, wombats remind us that both self-exploration and real world exploration are essential to our soul's growth and development. Wombat also teaches us the importance of having a beautiful home base that we feel is our and ours alone on all levels: physically, mentally, and spiritually. We will not have any drive to explore if we do not have a safe, soft place to rest and be nurtured in between explorations. We are often hesitant to explore because our ego likes to trick us into thinking that we need to be afraid of what we may find. Nonsense! Without exploration, there would be no discovery, and there have been some potent and powerful discoveries throughout our lifetimes and throughout history. What have you been hesitant to explore that you can give yourself permission to look into? What parts of yourself need to be explored? Sometimes exploration can be as simple as taking a different route to work or shopping at a different grocery store. When we open ourselves to the possibilities, the infinite possibilities of the universe, we embrace the excitement and the potential that all types of exploration can offer. Exploration can truly be a fabulous adventure. Challenge yourself to explore more. What will you explore today?

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