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Express Your Empowered Nature

Our Divine Download for September 20, 2020 is Empowerment from the Spellcasting Oracle Cards. Silence is never golden. In order to fully express your innate power, the Universe is requiring you to stamp your authority so that you can grow fully into the wise one that you truly are and we acknowledged in your fully empowered and wise nature. Here's a hint: you can't do any of that in silence. It's no longer enough to be in your truth, you're being called to action to speak your truth as well. You must stand up for yourself - it's well past time to stand up and be counted! It's time to share and voice your opinions and to make an effort to get your valuable opinions across to those who need to hear them. Empower yourself through aligning your words and your actions. Empower yourself by not just standing in the truth of who you are, but speaking it, each and every time you speak. Allow your truth to radiate out of your throat chakra as you speak and empower your entire field. If this feels challenging to you, the element of fire can be a great tool to purge any fear which hold you back. Purging fears and unblocking your throat chakra may be necessary for you to step fully into your power. You're not doing anyone (most especially yourself) any favors by not speaking your truth and hiding in the safety of your unexpressed power. That's not true empowerment for in order for empowerment to occur, power must be expressed and embraced. Burn off anything that you're afraid of, and anything that is blocking you or your expression. It may have felt easier or safer to hide and remain in the comfort and safety of your own silence, but I promise, it's easier and better and FAR more comfortable in the land of authentic expression. Embrace it. Embrace yourself. EMPOWER yourself through expression!

Throat Chakras are often blocked in most people because of the things that we don't say, we don't express, and those which we are forced to choke down in silence. If the thought of expressing yourself out loud, verbally, often, etc. and the thought of voicing your personal power sends you silently screaming, it's probably necessary to balance your throat chakra with a Flower Therapy Chakra Card Session. Book a Session: Here!


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