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Express Your Innate Creativity

Our Divine Download for July 21, 2021 is Creative Expression from the Life Purpose Oracle Cards, bringing us the message "Your soul longs to express itself creatively." Your Sacral Chakra is calling, and it's letting you know that you are in need of creative expression in order to fully move forward in your life right now. So often, the idea of creativity gets narrowly defined, or even boxed in. We get these ideas that if we are not painters, or sketch artists, or authors, or interior designers, or fashion designers, or culinary artists, etc., by trade, that we are not creative people. And frankly, that's just bullshit. There are a million different ways that we can and do choose to express our creativity. They key is to actually choose to express it! How we dress, how we walk, how we talk, how we choose to interact with other people can all be simple, creative endeavors when we choose to do them creatively. It could even be said that we don't have to choose to do the things that we do creatively, but rather mindfully. Ultimately creative expression is another way for us to show the world the truth of who we really are. How we decorate our homes, the fingernail polish or makeup we wear, how we wear our hair, the type of music we listen to, how we prepare our food - every single thing that we do has the potential for creative expression when we choose to be mindful about doing the things that we do. Often, we are not mindful about much of what we do. We sort of go through the motions of our lives on auto pilot which leaves zero space for connecting to creativity. Creativity is meant to be fun. It's meant to feel good to us. It's meant to inspire us. And it's meant to help move us forward. Challenge yourself to see how you can add your own unique creative style and flair to everything that you do today, or for a couple of days. You might just find something that you enjoy, or something that is worth doing again. Express yourself, allow the world to experience your own personal creative style.

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