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Face the Future with Optimism

Our Divine Download for September 15, 2020 is The Future from the Messages from the Mermaids Oracle Cards. They bring you the message "Change your viewpoint to influence the future. Remember that, like water, the future is fluid and always changing according to your current actions and thoughts." The potential outcomes that you can see from your current vantage point are not the full picture of the future. The future is ever changable! A negative mindset or outlook now can color the events of the future causing everything to seem dark and doomed. But actively working to cultivate a more positive state of mind causes the future to appear lighter and brighter and more ripe with possibilities. (You know, that whole "Your future is so bright, you've gotta wear shades" thing!) Everyone has bad moments, bad days, and bad weeks and feeling discouraged or helpless when things are challenging is normal. But you always have a choice. When you choose not to stay and dwell or linger in these dark spaces, and focus on the positive, counting the blessings that you do have, and actively practicing gratitude, you not only affect your current mood and your current space, but you literally alter your future in positive ways. Be mindful of the butterfly effect and realize and connect with the fact that changing one tiny little thought or action now, will have ripples in current and future realities, having a direct and positive impact on the future. Choose your thoughts and actions mindfully and accordingly. Because they truly are that powerful. This card also asks you to see into situations on a spiritual level. Remove your ego-centric thoughts from the equation and ponder the bigger, more wholesome spiritual picture. Your insight is enhanced and heightened now. Make sure you use this gift, this big picture forward sight and knowledge, for the greatest and highest good of all.

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